To mark International Women’s Day, Dorothy and Angel Haze released a powerful anthem alongside We Are Hear (co-founded by multi-platinum producers Linda Perry & Kerry Brown), and Equality Now. This collaboration kicks-off the #FreedomMeans campaign, which calls on people to share their definition of freedom to raise awareness and spark social conversation around gender equality and women’s rights issues around the world. The movement came to life after Dorothy and Angel Haze recorded the powerful anthem, “Freedom” remixed by TROY NöKA. To listen to the inspiring song, click HERE.

“We want to inspire women from all over the world to express themselves and feel free from labels or boundaries that constrain happiness, and unite knowing that we’re all in this together,” said Linda Perry, Grammy-nominated producer and co-founder of We Are Hear.

“Freedom is the basic premise for human rights,” said Yasmeen Hassan, Global Executive Director of Equality Now. “We at Equality Now have been working for 25 years to create a world that is more equal and more free for women and girls who are restricted in many ways by governments, communities and families.   We are excited to be part of this collective that brings out what freedom means to diverse people – it will help us all get a better understanding and improve our world!”

To participate in the #FreedomMeans Movement:

  • Post a video before March 13th on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter telling your followers what Freedom Means to you.
  • Prompt your audience to respond by posting their own version of what freedom means to them.
  • Use the hashtag #FreedomMeans in the caption of your video