July 10, 2023

London (July 10th, 2023) LEGA Serie A and Roc Nation Sports International are excited to announce a strategic partnership that aims to further enhance the North American reach and appeal of the iconic Italian football league.

The partnership represents another mutually beneficial venture as the two entities expand on a collaborative working relationship that first began back in 2019.

Serie A is regarded as one of the most competitive football leagues in the world, with one of the most passionate fan bases, and the United States of America has been identified as a key strategic market for further global expansion.

With Roc Nation’s well-established presence in the United States, which incorporates culture, sports and entertainment, the league looks forward to a partnership that will help establish powerful connections and credibility with some of the most prominent brands in the USA.

This collaboration will also include increasing awareness for the Serie A brand in the United States by enhancing engagement of existing and new fans through digital content, marketing activations, and events.

RNSI prides itself on challenging the status quo and doing things differently, which will enable Serie A to reach a significant target audience, while also continuing to invest in DEI initiatives to improve the reputation and positioning of the league in tangible ways.

In a prime example of this, RNSI’s content production team recently created an atmospheric and engaging piece of content for Serie A that was broadcast on the biggest outdoor screen in Times Square, New York.

Michael Yormark, President of Roc Nation Sports International, said it was an exciting time to formally establish a consultancy partnership that is founded on a shared vision of ambition and expansion.

“We are super excited to help Serie A expand its brand throughout America, while helping to develop meaningful commercial partnerships along with enhanced brand visibility that will lead to continued growth for one of the world’s premier football leagues. ”

Serie A’s New York office is off to a terrific start and we look forward to helping them achieve all their business goals and objectives.”

Luigi De Siervo, Ceo of Lega Serie A, underlined the importance of this strategic partnership for the development of Italian soccer’s presence in North America.

“Lega Serie A is looking at this partnership with Roc Nation Sports International with great enthusiasm. It’s a collaboration that will allow us, first and foremost, to strengthen our presence in the USA. As a league, we aim to promote growth in this crucial region that will host the 2026 World Cup, and for us, it becomes almost imperative to connect with a new fan base through increasingly innovative tools and partnerships.

“By collaborating with Roc Nation, Serie A also intends to undertake projects that go beyond football, recognising the potential of sport as a catalyst for significant transformations”.

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