August 15, 2018

For the first year ever, D’USSÉ® Cognac will be serving up custom cocktails and full-service bars throughout the Made In America Festival. The bars will feature a wide range of spirits including vodka, gin, tequila and more as well as custom craft cocktails.

MADE IN AMERICA custom D’USSÉ® cocktails will be featured at both specialty and full-service bars. The festival will feature nine different D’USSÉ cocktails, showcasing the versatility of cognac and allowing guests to sample the delicious spirit. Cocktails will include the popular D’USSÉ and Lemonade, D’USSÉ “Long Island” Iced Tea, D’USSÉ Watermelon Cooler, D’USSÉ Paradise, D’USSÉ Strawberry Lemonade, D’USSÉ Painkiller, D’USSÉ Sunray, D’USSÉ The Coco and the D’USSÉ Peachtree. These cocktails will be sold exclusively at the festival at over 20 bars around the grounds throughout the two days.