Witnessing the genre-defying revolution of sound in pop culture, Zeina, represents this elite of generational talent owning their seat in the grand conversation of music. Unfazed by the confines of traditional genre, The multi-lingual Montreal native connects with her fans offering “a fragment of her mind”, with her uncanny ability to intertwine the sensibilities of an R&B record against the scale of the traditional “pop” sound. Laying claim to contemporary R&B, Zenia invigorates through her vibrant storytelling by transforming bigger than life concepts into these exceptionally relatable, yet refreshingly vulnerable pop laced ballads. With her sights locked in on her 2020 takeover, Zeina commands her leap of faith in her full commitment to music as she describes this music as “her world, as she is the fish - and the music the water, without it she’s dead.” This elevated imagery resonates within her music, and all bets are on Zeina to truly lead the way in 2020.