Headshot of Trakmatik
Since signing to Roc Nation in 2014, Trakmatik has been on an upward spiral. Having produced major projects with several artists including Def Jam’s Jeezy and Elijah Blake, Trak’s achievements came as no surprise to those familiar with his work. Most recently, Trakmatik produced a song entitled “F The World” (ft. August Alsina) for Jeezy’s album Seen It All. Trak is also the man behind the soulful sound of R&B singer Goapele’s “Perfect,” heard on her fifth studio album Strong as Glass released October 2014.

Born Deondre Collins, Trakmatik is a product of his Sacramento, CA hometown. It was at a young age that the Sac native discovered his love and talent for music, setting out to prove that production is “so much more than just beat making or toying with melodies and rhythms.” Trak produces for all genres of music and works diligently to produce a quality sound that is unique.

In 2010 Trak joined forces with Keith Harris, producer and drummer for The Black Eyed Peas. After performing on a world tour with The Black Eyed Peas, Trak was able to maintain a powerful working relationship that ultimately led to his breaking into the industry.

Trakmatik is represented by ARTium management. ARTium is a collective of creatives and artists under the umbrella of Grammy award winning music producer and Def Jam label Boss No I.D. No I.D. works very closely with Trakmatik, mentoring him on technique, detail, and most importantly, mindset.


In addition to his proven talents in engineering, arranging, songwriting and entrepreneurship, Trak is also a well-respected mentor. For over six years, Trakmatik has been mentoring across the world. Trak said, “my primary focus is adding personality and bringing life to this repetitious world of music through mentorship.” His Non-Profit Organization (B-Yourself) has been contracted with University of California, Berkley and Center For Fathers & Families. The organization provides services for the Preparatory Leadership Program at Castlemont High School in Oakland, CA and five Schools in Sacramento. Trak also works with and for The SoundBase—an organization that allows new and upcoming artists a chance to develop their skill within a highly professional environment.