RJAE (R-Jay) amplifies airtight wordplay through slick and soulful harmonies, mastering two sides of a scorching signature style. Something of an enigma, the 22 year-old New Orleans multi-hyphenate effortlessly integrates expressive rhymes and smooth rhythms into a singular sound that connects his message to the street.

RJAE grew up in impoverished conditions in Louisiana and also spent a fraction of his youth in Memphis. His mother, a poet, encouraged him to read books and expand his vocabulary, while his father, a former rapper, imparted wisdom on verbal techniques. The prodigiously gifted MC found his creative sweet spot when he married his deep passion for words with his inimitable vocal capabilities. Unbeknown to RJAE, his cousin uploaded a video to Instagram of him showcasing his skills. The overwhelmingly positive response served as the catalyst for him to push the button on a career in music. Coming up, trendsetters such as Kanye, Eminem and DMX served as artistic as well as therapeutic blueprints for the tormented soul who used rhymes and raps as survival mechanisms.

RJAE released his first song “Not Enough” via Soundcloud, which became a disruptive breakout hit amassing over 2 million streams to date. He became the most trending artist on Twitter in New Orleans where he won new fans daily, including music manager Fee Banks (NBA Youngboy). RJAE signed with Banks in 2018 and the pair went straight to work. He embarked on his first nationwide tour as the opening act for Atlantic Records artist NoCap, in addition to sharing a stage with Lil Wayne in Boston.

On his debut LP, You’re The Problem, RJAE allows listeners to dive into the life of his mind, showcasing his sonic versatility flowing from singing to rapping, flexing his captivating voice and tongue twisting delivery. The 11-track genre-blending collection is expansive and diverse, making space for more radical forms of self-expression in entertainment. Each record holds its weight individually yet merges together to make a cohesive listening experience. An architect of soulful ghetto music, RJAE drops bleeding-heart bars and humblebrags with maximum impact. He recruited his childhood icon Hollygrove Keem and sleek production duo Numba One on the project, which adds to the rich sonic tapestry and superior quality.
Ambition and confidence mixed with earnest vulnerability define RJAE. He has established himself as a creative force and is cultivating the future of hip-hop, molding it in his own introspective image.