From the Queen City of Charlotte, NC, Reuben Vincent is a twenty year old Hip-Hop

prodigy. The rapper elicits a depth of skill well beyond what is expected of any age. So much so that in 2016 he was signed to 9th Wonder’s record label, Jamla Records and in 2021 to Roc Nation. After years of crafting his skill with the Jamla family, two projects have been released under the continuously innovative label -- Myers Park (2017) and Boy Meets World (2020). Both received great praise and attention with greats such as Swizz Beatz, Young Guru and Busta Rhymes.

Both projects illustrate all the capabilities that the young artist has. His vulnerability, wordplay, cadence, dynamics, and sound is a package that seldomly comes and yet he continues to grow, refine and add to his catalogue of skills.

Now after more development, he is ready to showcase another body of work that will impress and intimidate peers, listeners, and predecessors. Once again, Reuben Vincent accomplishes the epitome of a musical project -- to be diverse, yet cohesive and not redundant. This project only builds excitement for his soon to come debut album.