For rapper Nnena making music is about telling stories; sharing the events that simultaneously define us and connect us to others. "I want my music to elicit the truth and make listeners feel comfortable. I want people not to feel alone and I never want my music to leave anyone out."
Born in Cleveland, OH Nnena is a first generation American in her Nigerian family. Being the child of parents who immigrated to America has pushed her, "My parents are my inspirations. In Nigeria, your kids are where you get your blessing from - I want to make them proud."
When it comes to music. Nnena's inspiration comes from female MC storytelling elites, Lauryn Hill, Aretha Franklin, Missy Elliot and Queen Latifah line the inside locker of her mind. And much like her icons, Nnena draws inspiration for her own music from the female experience, "My raps are what other females wish they could say out loud, but I do it for them in a song."
Her neo-soul hooks and flowing melodies have caught the attention of everyone from BBC 1's Annie Mac, Apple Music's Ebo Darden, Teen Vogue, Yahoo!, Kaboom Magazine, and more. Currently Nnena's working on her next release while filling her time with writing sessions for other artists like Beyonce, Rihanna and Normani.