Born in Indiana and raised by a family of musicians, Mamii discovered her passion for music at the young age of 14. Immersed in the influences of gospel music, she draws inspiration from Prince and Frank Ocean, which is reflected in her velvety vocals and captivating sound showcased in her debut album, Black Phoenix. With the ability to play five instruments and embody the essence of Stevie Wonder, Prince, Michael Jackson, Lauryn Hill, and Frank Ocean all in one female artist, Mamii is a prodigy.

At 17, Mamii gained recognition when R&B group The Internet reposted her cover of their song “Come Over” on Instagram, capturing the attention of artists such as Omar Apollo, Steve Lacy, Jacob Collier, and many more. Mamii's journey extends beyond her solo work; she has made notable contributions to Beyoncé’s, Kanye West’s, and Kehlani’s latest albums. She wrote and produced “My Rose,” “Flamenco,” and “Bodyguard” on Cowboy Carter and was sampled on “Talking On” from the Vultures album. Mamii is currently working on her upcoming EP, Phantasmagoria, which promises diverse genre-bending tunes to push the creative edge.