Jozzy is a Grammy Award winning recording artist and songwriter signed to Columbia Records. Jozzy has been long celebrated for her strong pen game; she is the woman who penned Billy Ray Cyrus's verse on Lil Nas X's chart obliterating, Grammy Award winning track Old Town Road, as well as tracks for Coldplay and Pharrell Williams.

In addition to her pen and production game, Jozzy has embraced artistry in her own right. Jozzy, who is signed to Columbia Records and co-managed by Roc Nation, has been steadily releasing her own songs. Her debut track as an artist was the hypnotic Sucka Free featuring platinum selling, Grammy Award Winning Lil Wayne, a longtime collaborator and friend. Jozzy is currently at work on a forthcoming EP called Soul Therapy: Apartment 215 and is releasing her soul-inflected, r&b track Pleasantville on Juneteenth.

Jozzy has also embraced activism; as an LGBTQ+, woman of color, she has repeatedly spoken out about the issues she faces and her hope for more diverse voices to be recognized in all areas of the music industry. Generous with her time, she has volunteered with She Is The Music, including participating in workshops and student lectures.