HDBeenDope doesn't follow trends — instead, he embodies a New York City energy rarely seen in hip-hop that can't be duplicated. The 28-year-old underdog makes music that forces you to believe in yourself with an unmatched sound that's both braggadocious and earnest, plus straightforward yet bold. HD's music cuts through the trendy NYC drill scene — showcasing charisma, style, and lyricism that's unmistakably his own.

His success led him to sign with Roc Nation in 2022, making him the only Brooklyn artist on Jay-Z's label. His sound got him press from Complex, Billboard, Vibe, UPROXX, and Hot 97. His music has garnered millions of views and plays from fans around the globe, with placements on Madden 2021, NBA 2K, and UFC 4. His energy has captivated arenas, performing at Barclays Center for the Brooklyn Nets and Citi Field for Rolling Loud New York 2021. Most recently, HDBeenDope skills were fully displayed for Roc Nation's first "Set the Bar" cypher session hosted by Jadakiss and Young Guru. There isn't anything Darius can't do if he puts his mind to it. But even with his gifts, people try to count him out.

His latest EP, What Can They Say, is a culmination of his musical genius. Executive produced by Dizzy Banko, the five-track EP hits unlike any hip-hop music coming out of NYC. The in-your-face attitude bleeds through and HD raps with the confidence of a heavyweight prize fighter. HDBeenDope is well ahead of the game.

With his newest chapter in motion, HD will continue trail-blazing his lane in hip-hop with his dynamic sound and unique creative approach. "I'm just documenting life; all my music is just human," HD says. "I'm focused on growth, being the version of myself that I see."