Graham Riley is a twenty-two year old singer, songwriter, and artist. He is an up-and-coming musician who has been captivating audiences with his soulful lyrics and dynamic vocal performance from a young age. In 2020, Riley signed a publishing deal with Roc Nation. Through working alongside some of the music world’s most exciting producers (Max Toth, J. LBS, Omar Edwards, Max Beck, Anwar Sawyer, Ben Coleman, Ryan Baer, Jonah Abraham) Riley has developed a unique sound that takes inspiration from his upbringing as a classical pianist, though also invoking elements from left-of-center indie pop, R&B, and traditional soul ballads. Riley’s upbeat pop track “Star” is featured in the 2022 Amazon Prime film “Master” starring Regina Hall. In the summer of 2023, “Front Porch” received general acclaim & was featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday, Fresh Finds, and other playlists. By the start of 2024, Riley had amassed over eight million streams across all platforms, with "Rain" and "Pain on My Mind" his most listened to tracks.