Sisters hold a bond like no other. It endures through triumphs, tragedies, and everything in between. This sort of union defines Los Angeles-based sisterly duo Ceraadi. Siblings Saiyr and Emaza not only complement each other in terms of fashion, fire, and ferocity, but they also finish each other’s thoughts musically. Glued together by shared harmonies, Saiyr raps with tenacity and nimble wordplay, while Emaza belts with soul and spirit.

Together, these two sides form one dynamic, diverse, and distinct whole. “We feed off of each other,” exclaims Emaza. “We have two different personalities, but we do link up on the same wavelength. Saiyr is a little edgier, while you might say I’m more girly. Ceraadi is definitely sweet and spicy. Don’t let my sweetness fool you though, because I’ll get down,” she laughs. “We’re both really energetic,” adds Saiyr. “That vibe is so important to us.”

They tapped into this energy as children back in Cedar Rapids. Inspired by mom’s favorite classic R&B and hip-hop, they listened to everyone from Destiny’s Child, Ciara, SWV, and Janet Jackson to Wu-Tang Clan, Jay-Z, and Lil’ Kim. Their mother presented music as a refuge in the face of turmoil and uncertainty. Relocating thousands of miles across the country away from a troublesome relationship in 2008, Ceraadi and mom left with $900 between them and stayed in low-rent motels on the trip. Eventually, they ended up in Long Beach, CA before settling in South Central.

Around the same time, they started filming videos and posting them on social media… “We were definitely the underdogs for a long time,” continues Emaza. “Our mom had our backs through the whole ordeal, so we’re definitely blessed and grateful. Things didn’t happen overnight. We feel like we’re finally about to make a break this year.” It’s a pretty safe bet. Slowly but surely, they quietly amassed an impassioned audience, exceeding 1.3 million Instagram followers, 1 million YouTube subscribers, and 27 million YouTube views by the beginning of 2019. Their dance challenges and YouTube “Playlists” typically crack the one million-mark. Not to mention, major brands have enlisted them for high-profile social campaigns.

Now, their bond shines through their new single “Loyal.” Underscored by throwback production right at home with their nineties influences, the song dips in and out of sassy rhymes before a heavenly and harmonic hook hypnotizes. “We wanted to make something people were going to real feel,” says Saiyr. “Our mom taught us loyalty means everything. So, she was on our mind when we worked on the song. We started thinking about what loyalty means to us and how we would want it from a guy. We want what we put into a relationship, and it starts there.”

With honest messages like these, Ceraadi welcomes everyone to join their family. “Ceraadi is your sister, your best friend, your dream girlfriend, your stylist, your therapist, and all of that,” the ladies agree. “We’re starting a movement based on loving yourself, being confident, and being who you are. We want to empower as many people as possible and make timeless music. We’re going to be doing music for a long time together.”