"People who respect authenticity want to get that sound from the source," says Antt Beatz. As a 10-plus-year veteran producer and artist, Anthony Mathis is a proven leader in giving Detroit its sonic identity. He's made hit songs for Lil Baby, 42 Dugg, Tee Grizzley, Icewear Vezzo, and Eminem. Now, as artists worldwide seek Detroit's signature basslines and uptempo tracks, Antt Beatz supplies the sound he helped cultivate. Future, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Durk, and YNW Melly are just some of the stars who have collaborated with Antt Beatz. "I've heard a few good imitators," he says with a laugh, "But they're always gonna come back home." The artist/producer, who appeared on FX's Hip-Hop Uncovered, is a proud Detroit ambassador.

Before creating a rhythm for the city, Anthony Mathis lived on both the Eastside and Westside. "I switched schools and always moved around," he shares. Antt's single mother raised him to be serious about his business. Music offered a positive distraction from Detroit's cold winters and rough streets. At nine, he started rapping, and just a few years later, Antt Beatz began producing. Mathis recalls being captivated by watching his youngest uncle Thrilla create melodies on a Casio keyboard. "I make beats because of him," Antt shares. “I'd sit beside him and watch him all the time." Music was in his bloodline. Respected vet Trick-Trick, Thrilla's brother, is another supportive relative. "He's who made me want to rap," says the producer who frequently writes the song hooks. Surrounded by drugs, street violence, and inner-city poverty, a young Antt Beatz always strived for more. By the end of school, he purchased a Korg Triton keyboard, learned FL Studios, and produced songs for himself to rap over. By the early 2010s, artists around town began paying for beats. Beyond the city, Rocko, Gorilla Zoe, and Travis Porter also sought tracks. "Detroit has its own sound. I started taking what I learned over the years and mixing it," he says of 90-105 BPMs, sinister keyboard lines, and club energy. Ant Beatz credits Helluva as The D's architect and asserts that they represent two pillars of the city.

In the early 2010s, Antt Beatz's bedroom studio was a destination for up-and-coming talent. "Icewear Vezzo, Babyface Ray, and Peezy used to come to my house on Dexter and Fenkell and record," he recalls. "The door started opening for me when the artists I was working with started getting signed. These artists made songs in my closet that streamed in the millions." The chemistry from those singles and mixtapes carried into chart-topping albums. Antt Beatz became a fixture on 42's Dugg projects, recently earning a gold plaque for work on 2021's Free Dem Boyz. Ray, Vezzo, and Tee Grizzley remain frequent collaborators. Antt constantly looks to discover new voices. He recently helped develop a sound for Quality Control's Baby Money.

After decades of grinding, Antt Beatz now owns a record label, Beat Gang, and the Hit House building, home to three state-of-the-art studios. His list of credits includes anthems like Lil Baby, 42 Dugg, and Veeze's "U-Digg," Vezzo and Kodak Black "It’s All On U," Eminem, Royce 5'9, and Trick-Trick's "Twerk Dat Pop Dat," and 42 Dugg's "Crippin'." Even though the latter was removed from YouTube, it was integral to 42’s discovery—something both Yo Gotti and Lil Baby have told Antt.

At just 31 years old, Antt Beatz enjoys his status as a keystone within Detroit's renaissance. The father of four (with a fifth on the way) produces, engineers, and masters his songs. "I don't smoke, drink, or do drugs," he admits. "Anime and video games are my escape." Even amid success, Antt strives to improve and evolve. "I always keep myself in the position to learn.”

As a Billboard Charting and RIAA Certified Producer, Antt Beatz is guaranteed to provide excellent quality music which resonates with the current musical landscape. Antt Beatz’s production can be heard from 42 Dugg’s “Down Ready Set” listed in the EA Sports Madden soundtrack to Roddy Rackzz’s “Realest Richest Youngin” featured in the NBA 2K21 soundtrack. Antt Beatz is a versatile artist, guaranteed to deliver high quality production and offer collaborative sessions with artists.